Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September: The New Most Popular Wedding Month

As a Bride & Groom, it's understandable that you want to pick the perfect wedding date. Every couple has a preference as to when their special day will take place for a variety of reasons. Those reasons have made June the most popular wedding month; a title it's held for who knows how long - maybe ever? It's no secret that summer time screams wedding season and June being at the end of Spring and beginning of Summer would hopefully give you perfect weather on your wedding day.

The past few years weather patterns have been shifting. Everyone knows about global climate change and how we need to help our planet to really help ourselves. Since weather has a huge impact on our wedding days we of course really know the ideal months to have a wedding. Are you ready for this? The best month to have a wedding is September, NOT June. It seems unlikely because college students and kids go back to school, people are snapping out of vacation mode and it's a busy time of year all around. The weather though, is pretty unbeatable. The last couple of years we've noticed that June has been one of the most unpredictable when it comes to weather. We've had years where Spring started late and there was a high chance of rain - making us use the backup indoor plan for ceremony and pictures. We've also had some years where there was barely a Spring and June felt like it was August with heavy heat and humidity. The heat makes picture taking quite the challenge. Between getting everyone waters (we lug around a cooler on those days), dabbing the sweat off a Bride's face in between pictures, and literally going under her heavy dress with a paper fan to try to cool her off - it's not a pleasant experience for anyone. With September you kind of get the best of both worlds between Summer and Fall. Think of it as an Indian Summer, if you will. The sun is still shining and it's still hot but with a the slightest crisp feeling in the air - in other words JUST PERFECT. If you're lucky you may even start seeing some colorful foliage in late September which makes for breathtaking photos.

Courtesy: www.ryandavisphotography.com
One last point on why you should get married in September: You get to honeymoon during non-peak travel months! June-August is always a heavy travel season since that is when most families vacation. So add on the surcharges for flights, hotels, etc and the inconveniences of crowded flights, long airport lines, and crowded resorts full of screaming kids. Who wants to go on their honeymoon to a tropical island when it's in high demand? Isn't the point to relax after all that stressful wedding planning?
Courtesy: www.fodors.com

You heard it here first folks: September is the new June!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Wedding Essentials!

   Us 3 ladies here at Blush Events (TJ, Hallie, & of course, myself) pride ourselves on our planning skills (some call it OCD, but we just like to call it being extremely organized!) on our couple's wedding day. Even months leading up to the wedding day, we are busy with consultations with the bride and groom, preparing lists, communicating setup/breakdown times with vendors & finalizing schedules for the BIG DAY. Our goal is to help the bride & groom glide on through their wedding from start to finish feeling like they hadn't a care in the world. That's because that is no longer their concern. It is ours & we are pleased to do it!

     So many thankful bridesmaids, reluctant grooms, and grateful  parents ask us how we do what we do in such a long 12-16 hr period of time. That, my friends, has A LOT to do with our bridal kit. It is what we call our bridal emergency kit & it is with us from the time we arrive at the brides suite in the morning until the end of the reception.With so much that we ensure will go right, there is, of course, little things that can always go wrong. That is where our trusty kit comes in handy!

   Our bridal kit has pretty much anything you wish you could fit in your purse at any given moment, but there are just no cute bags big enough without you looking completely ridiculous (or like a hoarder). Everything from bobby pins, safety pins, brushes, floss, scope, bandaids, tissues (I mean...you need those!), hairspray, powder, crazy glue, scissors, tums, sewing kit, tylenol, deodorant, lint brush, mints & more! We even carry stuff for the Groom & his gents like hair gel, razors, shaving cream & other goodies. Out of everything we bring, I'd say the safety pins, bobby pins, and hairspray get used the most! See, there IS a method to our madness...

  To some this might seem excessive, but to us (and all of the bridal parties we have assisted) this is essential. You never know when you are going to need touch ups for your hair, need to cut a string off a dress, or need some bandaids like our last bride, who used them to ease away the pain from the beautiful high heels she was strutting around in for pictures.

   As Day of Coordinators, it is our job to be at your service and to help things run smoothly. We have to think outside the box in ways you might not imagine. Therefore, just like any other good wedding planner, we have some unique goodies in the emergency kit as well. For instance, I bet you never thought to have spare rings. It hasn't happened yet (thankfully!) but if it does, Blush is prepared to have stand in's at the altar. We also have smelling salts (you may remember the opening scene with Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner where she helps wake up the fainting father of the bride), fans for a hot day, a wine/bottle opener, straws (we can't have the Bride-to-Be and her bridesmaids messing up their lipstick/gloss!), and a spare white tie which we cut into a pocket square for the best man in one of our most recent weddings because his was missing! 

    If you don't have a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator in your wedding budget, these kits are easy to assemble on your own as well. Once you have the main essentials, you are all set! To guide you, here are some handy links to check out from our good friends at The Knot & Style Me Pretty. Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Do...Want My Pet In my Wedding?

   Amongst the many dilemmas in the wedding planning process is not only knowing what family and friends you want in your bridal party, but whether or not you want to incorporate your pets. Many people find themselves going back and forth, essentially because you probably got the dog, cat, etc while you were dating and they have become the glue that bonds you together. You want to enjoy your day as man & wife, but it's hard knowing a major part of your family is not in attendance. Pets become family & it's hard to imagine our lives without them, especially on the biggest day of your life.

   Luckily, many people find other ways to incorporate the loves of their life into their wedding, such as engagement photos. This is a perfect way to announce your engagement & it has become insanely popular in the past few years! Our little friend below was more than happy to accompany Blush Events & his bride & groom-to-be at their Central Park engagement shoot. Signage is typically used for the announcement - it adds a fun component and lets your pet communicate their excitement!

Courtesy: BlushEvents

Courtesy: Itsabrideslife.com

   Some tips in bringing along your pet for a fun shoot (although many photographers are pros at capturing this at this point) would be to first know your pet. Know if they would feel anxious or uncomfortable in certain locations or situations. Not every animal can stand still very long or does well in crowded places. It may not enjoy being shot at with a flash every 2.5 seconds, so try and ease the situation as best as possible. You may also want to bring a friend, family member, or even your wedding planner for the day (which is what our couples do) to ensure you don't have to worry about your pet running off. You two can take pictures together and not have to worry if little Snowball is running the other way! Another note to make would be the T word. TREATS. Have some on hand to reward your fur-baby during the session and at the end of the day.

                                                 Courtesy: Winkwed.com

For those that opt to bring their pet along for the big wedding day, hire a pet sitter. The pet sitter can bring them to and from pictures/ceremony so no one in your entourage has to leave and deal with those logistics. The pet sitter should also stick around to manage them as they come in and out of pictures. The same rules apply that applied to the engagement shoot (did we mention TREATS?).  At our most recent wedding at The Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes, we had a set of adorable corgis we were handling during photos and treats definitely came in handy.

Lets not forget the most adorable part...wedding day pet accessories! Accessories aren't a necessity but it most definitely adds a little something to the ceremony and the pictures. Flower collars/leashes, bow-ties, and full out doggy evening wear all add to the fun. Again, keep your pet's personality in mind. Most pets wouldn't handle a flower collar well but a flower leash is a great alternative. Below is a pic of the Blush pups at one (of two!) wedding days for TJ & Austin. They wore red and gold to match traditional Indian attire and the bridal party! The outfits were from Bloomingtails...how adorable is that name?

Courtesy: Anya Foto
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Goodbye White... Hello Color

Attention all soon-to-be brides... traditional white is out & color is in!

                                                Courtesy: Lightinthebox.com

As we all know, white has always been the very traditional, obvious choice for a wedding gown pretty much since most of us ladies were little girls. We dreamt of meeting the man of our dreams and wearing that very special, white gown to walk down the altar in. However, since last Spring clothing designers have changed the rules up in a pretty colorful way. That's right, well-known designers such as Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and Isaac Mizrahi (just to name a few!) have all been known to incorporate red, turquoise, grey, and of course BLUSH into their wedding gowns.


This trend has become very popular amongst many celebrities as well, who have all chosen the non-traditional route on their special day. For instance, singer/designer, Gwen Stefani chosen an ombre pink. Actresses, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, & Anne Hathaway also opted for a more colorful frock, but a more classic, pale pink version. While some go for a different variation of white (think more ivory or eggshell) such as the ever so popular Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie, others go for just a "pop" of color.

                                                                Courtesy: Styleonsite.com

Some brides choose to add in color by just adding it through their veils, shoes, sashes, or hair accessories such as headbands, flowers, or jewels. Pops of color add a little life not only to the dress and bride in general (especially if you're a fashionista!), but they add an enormous amount to the wedding photographs. For instance, if you're not excited about splurging on an extravagant flower budget, pops of color can fill that void in a photograph with your groom and wedding party. Colors also are known to have a meaning behind them that brides like to incorporate into their big day. For instance, brides may choose eggshell not only because it fairs better against their skin tone, but because of the tainted innocence it represents. Those who gravitate toward a bolder color, such as red, tend to represent passion, romance, and strong emotion. Our pink ladies (shown above) are showing off a flirtacious innocence that also showcases their femininity. Greys & blacks symbolize a sophisticated elegance in which a bride shows off her power and sexuality.

No matter what color dress your heart desires, it's no secret that every bride looks gorgeous on her wedding day. It all is just a matter of taste & personality. We hope this inspires you to bring out a pop of color on your big day... know matter how you see fit!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Ah, That First Look...

You may be asking yourself right now "So, okay what exactly is a "first look"? Well, this is something that is not only becoming a majorly popular tradition on one's wedding day, but it's also one of our very favorite moments to coordinate. It's that moment where the Groom sees his Bride-to-Be for the very first time before the ceremony even begins. It's a personal moment just between the two of them (and the photographer, of course!) that is very genuine and romantic.

In past tradition, the Groom doesn't see the Bride until she is walking down the aisle. There is definitely something to be said about that, don't get us wrong! However, we thought we would list off some reasons as to why a first look may be a better option for those couples who are looking to take an alternative route in the planning process.

First, (and I know many of you ladies can relate!) a woman likes to look her absolute best at any formal event. This especially includes her own wedding day, where her hopes of looking absolutely flawless are able to come true. The makeup is fresh & the hair is in all the right places. If you are looking for the best pictures, this is the time to do it! You will feel so much better knowing everything is perfect in that moment.

                                                           Courtesy: Charmcitywed.com

Second, since this before the ceremony and usually takes place at the hotel or residence you are getting ready at, you don't have to worry about greeting a bunch of guests. You just get to be excited and look forward to seeing your Groom! This small but important fact usually make for the best pictures because the happiness and emotion are able to show. This is him seeing his bride in her dress for the first & it is usually a pretty big deal. The moment is between only the couple at hand and you're able to really take it and cry, scream, shout, or just look deeply in each other's eyes with a huge grin on your faces!

                                                 Courtesy: Bridalguide.com

Third, the simple fact that after the first look or after the ceremony... it is officially picture time! Families, bridal party...more bride and groom shots of you with your bouquet, him whispering in your ear, doing funny jumping in the air poses & all of that fun stuff for the camera can get very tiring. Some of you may have a very long shot list of photos you want the photographer to get. You may have a very large bridal party, which can take up more camera time as well. Smiles start to feel forced or stiff and obviously you definitely don't want that to happen in the solo pictures of you and your Groom!

Last but not least, after all of the hard work of picking your perfect dress, your hair style that you changed 3 or 4 times, finding the jewelry that matches that sash on your dress (that was a process in a half to find in stores!) & losing that little bit of weight to fit just right INTO that dress... don't you want him to be able to concentrate on you for one moment and enjoy his reaction and compliments? Having an audience can be a little distracting and it will be so much more gratifying to be able to take each other in one last time before the actual day begins. You don't have to worry about rushing right into your vows and will both be more calm going into the actual ceremony itself. After all, the wedding is about you as man & wife and you should be able to enjoy that TOGETHER.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Power of the Flower

  Let's face facts, not only are flowers known for making everything look more beautiful (wearing them in our hair, using them as cake decor, giving them to our loved ones on numerous special occasions...), but they are practically an inevitable staple at weddings. There is just something about fresh cut florals that makes exchanging vows as man & wife an elegant affair. Some brides-to-be dream of an elegant, summer wedding & others imagine theirs on a cool, fall day with lots of colorful foliage. However, I bet you wouldn't guess that what is surrounding you on your wedding day has a whole lot to do with what month you marry.

 Photo credit:  David Tutera

Every season has a different assortment of flowers in bloom. Some are just not available otherwise (unless you, of course, are willing to spend lots of extra money to have flowers imported).  For instance, if you were getting married in the Winter, your best best would be Calla Lilies, Daffodils, Orchids, Roses, or Gerbera Daisies. Fall? You may opt for a Hydrangea or a Dahlia. Since Spring has arrived and Summer is on it's way, we thought we would share some fun flowers in season as we speak. Tulips, Roses, Orchids, Ranunculus, Poppies, Gardenia, and the Peony are all great choices. To each their own, as we all have a different theme, look and taste in flowers just as we would in dresses, venue, and menu.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:  www.weddingtrendista.com

You might have noticed the very lush (and blush!)  flowers pictured above. That, my friends, is the Peony & it is one of the most popular of the Spring/Summer wedding flowers. It may have something to do with the fact that is it is the known flower of riches & honor OR that it gained a reputation for being an omen of good fortune & happy marriage (yeah, that might be it!). Regardless of the tale behind it, they are very round, full florals that come in white, pink, coral, red, yellow, purple, & more. If you are still looking for a great flower that oozes romance, get the Peony while you can, as it is only available in April and May. We promise it will give you that elegant look you have been looking for, whether it stands alone or sits with the other varieties mentioned above!

And a quick tip for our Peony obsessed Brides who aren't getting married in April or May:  THE GARDEN ROSE!  It's a wonderful alternative if Peonies aren't in season when you're getting married, see below:

Photo credit:  www.flirtyfleurs.com

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Welcome Bag 101

    We have seen quite a number of weddings here at Blush Events. You can only imagine the months of planning that a Bride & Groom go through to ensure every little detail is tackled and executed perfectly. The bouquets, the rings, the centerpieces...everything from the wedding day itself to the hotel after party. But what about before the ceremony even begins? Couples want to make their guests feel welcome upon arrival & who else to give them better advice then our staff at Blush! Here are some fun tips and must-haves to make sure your guests have a great stay for your big day.

                                               Courtesy: www.Etsy.com
    A welcome letter thanking your guests for coming is always a nice personalized touch. It not only shows your appreciation, but holds important information, such as shuttle times to to venue & after party/breakfast information for the next day (if you choose to include one).

   Everyone is dancing to the DJ or band all night and drinking at the open bar, so small packets of advil or tylenol (per person) are a necessity. You can get them on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Advil-Tablets-Reliever-Refill-Two-Packs/dp/B0006SW71G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398354571&sr=8-1&keywords=advil+packets

  Make sure you have one bag or tote for each person staying in the room. Staying hydrated is key, so we recommend bottled water (you can even make your own labels if you're crafty with websites like zazzle or etsy). Snacks such as chips, gum, cookies, granola bars or anything available in a snack pack size are perfect! You can even add in your favorite candies or something specific to the theme of your wedding, just keep it bite sized.

                                       Courtesy: http://www.invincibleinc.com/ 

   Destination wedding? Then you may want to add in a mini-travel candle. One site we love is Beau Coup (but there are SO many to choose from)! http://www.beau-coup.com/travel-candle-favors.htm.

   Trust us, follow these must-have's and your guests will be happy as can be & will be thanking you the next morning. We would love to see what you come up with! Feel free to send pictures of some of your own welcome bags to post on our blog and Instagram. Send them to christina@blushevents.net & maybe you will see yours posted on our page!


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